What is your Motivation?

Every Monday I sit down at my desk and open my outlook to start my week. I have found a great way to motivate myself is to put a motivational quote in my calendar that pops up as an alert first thing when I get to work. It’s a great way to start my day and keep me focused. Today’s reminder that I set for this week is:


So what’s my goal? Well, I have my professional goals, but I am continuing to focusing on my weight loss hard core this week. So my goal is to lose another 2 lbs this week. I lost another 1 lb yesterday.

I have lost 8 lbs so far! I have found that being committed to my diet is so much easier with my fiance doing it with me. He is also my accountability partner. Part of my plan is we text each other pictures of what we eat when we aren’t together. It helps us be accountable to each other. He is a great support system.

So what’s your goal this week? What’s your plan to get there? 🙂

Live Today Create Tomorrow.

-Kareen Nicole

Happiness in Your Relationship

My Fiancé Dan & I went to the bridal show yesterday. It was very eye opening and we have some good ideas what we do and don’t want moving forward for our wedding plans.

The biggest thing yesterday reiterated for me was that I am blessed to have a relationship with a man who loves me so much and is so selfless.Love He is truly so silly and carefree. We had a great time. He went to support me and we ended up goofing around and having so many laughs.

I support him in the things that are equally as important to him.

Relationships are about understanding what’s truly important to your partner. Listen to them, understand them, and compromise on issues where you can give. Keep the fights clean and kiss often. 

It took me forever to find my Dan. And I love him. I will always respect him and no matter what other challenges life throw us, the solid foundation we have built  will carry us through. You must have a foundation built on  friendship, love, respect, communication, and trust.

I wish all of you the same happiness in your relationship.

Live Today and Create Tomorrow.

-Kareen Nicole

If It’s Important to Them, It’s Important to You!

This is how lucky I am to be marrying a man like this!


Today I am heading to a Bridal Show with my fiance Kareen.  There are going to be vendors, giveaway’s and a whole lot more exciting stuff.  If I am lucky, I won’t miss when the DJ pumps up the Cha Cha slide!   Oh Boy, there isn’t a more exciting way that I could think of to spend my Saturday off(Can you sense the sarcasm?)!

Still, I will be there with a smile on my face and look for reasons to have a great time.  Why?  Well, because it matters so much to her.  I can’t imagine letting her down by not going, and I wouldn’t want to go in a bad mood and ruin her experience.

I believe that good relationships are built on one simple rule- If it’s important to them, it’s important to you!  It doesn’t matter if it is a partner, friend, or child.  If you want…

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After we go through a stressful situation it’s so important to take time to refocus on your goals and come up with a plan to tackle them. Which is exactly where I am.

I got great news that my planmom will be okay last night. It’s a relief to know she is okay. It’s been a battle, but we finally got the good news we have been praying for. So now I’m refocusing my goals.

  1. Work is going great. I’m working hard to achieve the next level. So I’m staying focused on that.
  2. I am working on my health by committing to eating healthy (down 5 lbs).
  3. Everyday I want to take time for myself to decompress. Rather it’s painting, blogging, or just meditating. I deserve a few moments to reset my mind no matter how busy I am.
  4. I also want to take time for my fiance. He has been so good to me I want him to know how special he is. So it’s my goal to make him know how loved he is everyday.

Time for me to refocus.

Live today create tomorrow.

-Kareen Nicole


How are you Still Creating Tomorrow While Going Through the Storm?

If you have read my blogs lately then you will know that I am struggling emotionally. Let me get you up to speed.

My life is in New Jersey is awesome. I am in love with the most incredible man in the world. He truly is my rock. I have four amazing children that I love so much. I have a beautiful home and a great job that I truly love. I’m very blessed. For the first time in my life everything has finally come together for me. That is until this fall I got a call that changed my life forever.

My mom fell sick with breast cancer in late fall. She is a bad ass cancer warrior. She has been fighting and doing great. She has run into complications though. And watching her struggle through her battle from afar (she is in Texas) has been difficult.

It’s been increasingly difficult to cope with watching my mom struggle. So I thought I’d seek some professional help. Y

es, I’m a motivator but I have no shame seeking professional help if I think I need it.

I took my fiancé for support. On our first session she looks at me and says, “Why are you here? You have all the answers. You don’t need to be here.” So that was that. I do have the answers. So I’m going to blog through this to find the answers.

As I have struggled between a mixture of happiness and frustration my amazing fiancé said to me last night, Kareen “How are you still creating tomorrow while going through the storm?”

So that is going to be the topic of my blogs the upcoming weeks.

Today I am creating tomorrow by recommitting to my diet. It’s not just because I am at a very unhealthy weight, but because I made a commitment to myself that I need to see through. Yesterday I took some time to myself to draw. And I bought some stuff online to paint. I used to paint as a hobby to relax and I stopped years ago. I decided to take it back up again. Creating tomorrow during the storm takes one step at a time. One decision at a time. And in some cases, you just have to survive your own emotions one hour at a time.

A big shout out to my amazing future hubby for constantly putting life into perspective and holding me accountable in the most respectful and loving way. For the record, I can’t wait to marry him soon. I love you Dan.

Scared for Tomorrow

So as I said yesterday we must take time for ourselves. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. But you have to do it!

I am so overwhelmed. Work is going so well, but it feels like my original family-my mom and grandma-are just falling apart.

I am so lucky to be engaged, be thinking about a wedding, and have beautiful children. But now watching my parents age and my grandma get sick is difficult. Watching the ones we love grow older as we continue our own lives is sad. It’s hard. My mom always says it’s part of life.

But it’s heart breaking. I’m trying to take their words of wisdom and be happy, but part of me feels like it’s dying knowing and watching them suffer. So when I feel that way I have to take time for myself. Time away from everything. To remind myself that they are part of me-always. I have to be strong in all things. I want to live a strong, happy, healthy life long after they are gone.

Live today Create Tomorrow.

-Kareen Nicole

aging hand


Sometimes we need distractions from reality. My mom and my grandma are very sick. I am 2,000 miles away from them and can’t leave to visit.

I have thrown myself into my work-which I love. And lucky for me my hard work has paid off. Things are going extremely well. In fact they have gone so well that I have started working on the side writing professional resumes on my own time. (If you’re interested in checking it out please click here).

But I just wanted to remind everyone that when things are difficult to make sure you’re still taking time out to emotionally check in with yourself and your support system. Make sure you are doing little things everyday to make yourself feel better when you’re stressed or upset. Rather it’s reading a book, taking an extra long shower, or buying yourself flowers to remind yourself you’re loved. Go out of the way every day to do something nice for yourself to help ease the stress when you’re going through extraordinary circumstances.

Live Today Create Tomorrow.

-Kareen Nicole




Sometimes you just must take responsibility for the past and fix the problems that you’ve been left with. You’re ready to move forward with your life, but you still have things in your past holding you back. Well they aren’t going to go away. YOU have to fix it. YOU have to make them go away.

And the first step is action. GET UP. Get going! No more excuses. Hold yourself accountable and do it as my favorite person in the world once said. 😊




Live Today Create Tomorrow.

-Kareen Nicole

Live the Life you Preach

You can’t tell other people to live happiness, be healthy, and find their center if you aren’t leading by example.

I struggle with food addiction. I have lost 80 lbs and gained most of it back. So for the past week I’ve been working my butt off to lose weight along with my fiance, Dan (Check out his website here). His support has meant everything.

We both want to live a life that aligns with our message. And I can tell you I feel better. I am down 5lbs over the holiday break instead of being 5lbs up! I’ll take it!

The biggest part of being successful for me is planning. Not planning to succeed is planning to fail.

Check out my lunch: Shrimp salad (homemade)


I am living today to create a healthier, happier tomorrow!

Live Today Create Tomorrow.

-Kareen Nicole



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